Tutorial on Formal Verification of Security Protocols (Canceled)

2pm~6pm on Tuesday, October 9


The goal of this tutorial is to discuss the correct design of secure protocols, common kinds of attacks on protocols and how to detect and stop these attacks. Formal methods for verifying protocols such as deductive-reasoning and model checking are presented and the tools that can be used to automate the formal analysis of protocols are introduced. This tutorial focuses in particular on an automated logic-based technique (deductive-reasoning method) developed by Dr. Anca Jurcut et al. at the University of Limerick and at the University College Dublin in Ireland.

Workshop on Formal Methods and Software Verification

9~12am on Saturday, October 13 (Workshop Program)

 This workshop aims at in-depth discussions among researchers and practitioners working on formal methods and software verification in South Korea. Three work-in-progress topics will be presented and discussed among participants, such as machine learning and false-alarm filtering, model checking block-chains, and automotive safety in practice.