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Welcome To Korea

For general information on visiting Korea, please first visit You can find information on weather, currency, electricity, visas, wifi hotspots, getting from Incheon Airport to Seoul, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and more
in various languages.

To attend FACS’18, you will probably take a flight to either Incheon Airport or Gimhae (Busan) Airport. If you are flying from major cities in China or Japan, you can also take a flight to Gimpo Airport. If you are arriving at other airports to enter Korea and need any assistance, please contact the general chair.

Getting to Pohang

Pohang is located approximately 400 kilometers southeast of Seoul, the capital city of Korea. A 30 minute drive to the south of Pohang will take you to Gyeongju, the ancient capital of the Shilla Dynasty. For booking KTX tickets, please visit For booking express bus tickets from Seoul Express Bus terminal to Pohang, please visit (Seoul [010], Pohang [830]). (However, it is usually unnecessary to book an express bus ticket, if you are willing to wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour.)

Getting to Pohang: Directly from Incheon International Airport

1. By limousine bus : Incheon airport → Pohang

From Incheon International Airport, there is a direct limousine bus. Usually you do not need to make a reservation, and you could buy a ticket at the airport. For booking the bus tickets, please visit Passengers can get information about Limousines and ticketing at the following ticket booths : Near Exit 4 and 9 (indoors) & Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 9C (outdoors).

2. By railway(KTX) : Incheon airport → Pohang

There is a KTX train that runs from Incheon Airport to Pohang Station once a day:

For booking KTX tickets, please visit

Getting to POSTECH

Once you arrive in Pohang, it is fairly easy to come to POSTECH.

  • From Pohang KTX Station:
    A taxi ride will take 20~30 minutes and cost about KRW 10,000. You could also take a public bus #500 to go to Pohang Inter-city Bus Terminal.
  • From Pohang Inter-city Bus Terminal:
    A taxi ride will cost about KRW 4,000. A public bus #105 also takes you from the Inter-city Bus Terminal to the bus stop across the East Gate at POSTECH.
  • From Pohang Express Bus Terminal:
    A taxi ride will cost about KRW 5,000.

When you take a taxi, be sure to ask the driver to drive to “POSTECH” in English or “Pohang Gongdae” in Korean. There is another college called Pohang College which is located almost 15km away from POSTECH, so never say “Pohang University” or “Pohang College” in English. Alternatively just show the following paper slip which reads “POSTECH, POSCO International Center” (where the FACS conference is held):

Conference Location

POSCO International Center, POSTECH